The City of Murcia announces that the ‘Together’ workshops will continue beyond the end of the pilot-project


 ‘Together’ celebrated the end of the pilot-project in Murcia with a full week of activities targeting expecting and new mums. The programme included free healthy shopping sessions, exercises for pregnant women, yoga lessons and swimming classes all along the week of 3 October. Also, a stand with information about the project at Santo Domingo Square offered information on healthy habits for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The main closing event was held on 5 October, simultaneously with the other ‘Together’ cities across Europe. More than 100 attendees gathered at the conference, which took place at the City Hall and included a round table discussion with members from the Murcia local promoting group and representatives of neighbouring cities interested in the pilot-project, among others.

During the event, the Mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta, announced that the successful ‘Together’ workshops designed to improve maternal and child health will continue to be implemented in the city’s health and social centres, and will continue putting a special focus on vulnerable groups.

Begoña Merino, head of Health Promotion at the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equality, announced at the conference that the ministry has proposed the national dissemination of the ‘Together’ experience as a good practice in health promotion and disease prevention. She also recognised the relevance of the ‘Together’ methodology applied in this pilot-project within the current national health strategy.

The closing event also counted with the intervention of Julio Basulto, writer and author of the popular book “Mummy eats well”, who appreciated the approach to pregnant and breastfeeding women from the most vulnerable areas of the city.  “It is obvious that in these neighbourhoods women find more difficulties to follow healthy diets and to transmit healthy habits to their children. It is more difficult for them to escape from the nutritional fraud that we are surrounded by,” he said.


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