Findings show that Together activities have lasting results

Together team

Pregnant women and new mothers across Europe are enjoying better health for themselves and their babies, thanks to the Together project. More than half of the women who participated in the activities, workshops and discussions say their knowledge of healthy behaviour during pregnancy and breastfeeding improved through the Together project. An additional 25% say that, even though they were already aware of the information, Together motivated them to apply the healthy lifestyle tips.

Now, after the close of the project, the women are still keeping up their healthy habits: over half are still eating more fruits and veggies (53%), drinking more water (64%), and cooking more meals at home (58%). And of course, what’s healthy for mum is healthy for the whole family!

These and many other findings from the project, which was carefully monitored and evaluated by an external board of scientific experts from beginning to end, are intended to help guide future EU health policy and inspire replication of the project in other European towns and cities. 

The report is available at the following link: 


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