The cities

The “Together” pilot project is being implemented from 2015–2016 in cities across Europe: Manchester, United Kingdom; Murcia, Spain; Odense and Kolding, Denmark; Prague, Czech Republic; and Varna, Bulgaria.

These particular cities were chosen for their demographic diversity. Keep reading to get to know more about each of these cities, and find out what “Together” offers there!

  • United Kingdom

    Manchester is a vibrant and dynamic, post-industrial city of 520,200 inhabitants in the northwest of England.

  • Spain

    Murcia is located in the southeast region of Spain, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Denmark

    Odense and Kolding are two vibrant cities in Southern Denmark.

  • Czech Republic

    Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, and is known worldwide for its stunning beauty and architecture.

  • Bulgaria

    Varna is a seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the third largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 335,949.

Download the tools

Do you work with pregnant or breastfeeding women?

"Together" has created a range of educational and promotional tools for use by organisations and professionals who want to spread the messages of the project. They are all available for download.