Varna is a seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the third largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 335,949. It is a major tourist destination, attracting two to three million visitors each year.

The city is home to some of Bulgaria’s finest and oldest museums, and a number of arts festivals. In fact, over the past few decades, it has become a festival centre of international standing. Varna is also known for its century-old traditions in visual arts, music, and book publishing, as well as for its bustling current pop-culture scene. 

Most Varna residents are ethnic Bulgarians (94%). Ethnic Turks rank second with 3%, and the city also has growing communities of Russian, Asian and African immigrants. 

Did you know?

  • More baby boys are born in Varna than girls: 52.55% compared to 47.45%.
  • The average number of children per family is 1.36.
  • The average age when women give birth is 29.8 years.
  • The most popular names for boys in Varna are Georgi, Aleksandar, Ivan and Dimitar.
  • The most popular names for girls are Viktoria, Nikol, Maria and Aleksandra.

The city of Varna sees nearly 3500 live births each year, and of these 3.9% are born to young mothers (those who became pregnant before age 18). 19% are born to mothers over 35. In Bulgaria in general, there is a reported lack of knowledge about the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as a lack of a social programme to ensure adequate nutrition to pregnant and breastfeeding women from socially disadvantaged groups. 

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