Take care

All mothers know…there is no love like the love we have for our children, and no greater joy than seeing them happy and healthy. This love motivates many women to make healthy changes while pregnant or breastfeeding, because by taking care of your own health you take care of your baby’s health too.

Taking care of your health during pregnancy is crucially important to your baby. The nutrition that you give yourself is the same nutrition that you give to him or her. The water you drink is essential to his or her development. Getting exercise keeps you in shape, and also gives a healthy dose of fresh oxygen to your growing baby. Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy helps ensure that your little one will be born at and maintain a healthy weight as well.

The same applies after your baby is born, especially while breastfeeding. Health experts agree, breastfeeding is the best way to nourish your newborn child – in fact, it’s so good for them that no other food or liquid should be given for the first six months of life. Since breast milk is your baby’s only nutrition for those crucial first months, your nutrition and health while breastfeeding is just as important as it is during pregnancy.

Many women have thought before having children about taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle. Having a child can be the motivator that many women need to go forward and do it! This extra motivation presents a great opportunity to take the necessary steps towards healthy change.

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