Join "Together" activities!

The core of the "Together" project is your participation! Our activities are designed especially for you and other pregnant and breastfeeding women. They offer healthy experiences – both physically and socially. These activities are also designed to address your most important issues and concerns during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Take advantage of this resource. It is an opportunity to improve your own health and that of your baby, right now and in the years to come. See what “Together” has to offer in your city – you’ll be glad you did!

Here is a sample of what you can expect:

  • Learning together

It’s unanimous! New mums and mums-to-be want reliable information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, healthy eating and exercising, or how to stop smoking. “Together” wants to provide it! We’ve designed a range of activities that let you get straightforward answers to all of your questions. Try taking part in our mums-to-be quiz night, or bring your new born to a breastfeeding workshop.

  • Moving together

There’s a lot of confusion about exercise during pregnancy, and many women believe they are supposed to just “take it easy”. The truth is that moderate and regular exercise is at least as important during and after pregnancy as it is at any other time. However, it can seem a lot more complicated! Our exercise activities make it easier, by offering workouts designed to meet your needs. These might include anything from yoga for pregnant women to “pram fitness” classes!

  • Shopping together

    Healthy eating starts with healthy ingredients, which makes shopping an essential part of a healthy diet! Many mums may not know how to choose the best products for themselves (and their babies), so these activities are designed to help. You can learn to read labels, identify ingredients, discover substitutes and alternatives to common snacks, and much more!

  • Cooking together

    Pregnant and breastfeeding mums are often eager to eat healthily, as this means their babies are getting the same great nutrition. Our cooking activities are a chance to learn some delicious – and healthy - new recipes. They also cover topics like cooking healthy on a budget, and how to prepare homemade purees once your baby starts eating solid food.

  • Eating together

    Most would agree that the best part of eating healthily is…eating! Especially when that means sharing a meal in great company. These activities are about more than having a healthy meal. They are also about building friendships and support networks. 

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