The birth of a child brings joy, love, responsibility…and change. Take advantage of this time as an opportunity to bring healthy change into your home and your lifestyle. Whether you are pregnant or have recently given birth and are breastfeeding, it’s the right moment to choose better health.

Many women wish to adopt healthier habits. Getting more exercise, eating more fresh veggies, giving up smoking or drinking alcohol, cutting down on sugars or fats…these are just a few of the changes that we often think about or try to make. It may seem that pregnancy or the birth of a child makes it impossible, but it’s just the opposite!

Pregnancy or a new baby is sure to bring about changes to your daily routine, so now is your chance to do some lifestyle re-organising. Take a look at your lifestyle. Think about which aspects are healthy and positive, and which you would like to change or remove. Maybe there are some elements that cannot be changed, like a job, and others that offer more flexibility, like time spent before and after work.

Then decide which healthy changes you would like to make, and how to work them into your day – with a new baby! Do you want to get more exercise? Try doing some “pram fitness”. Want to eat healthier but don’t have time? Make double of each dish – one part to eat, and one to freeze.

“Together” has lots of ideas and activities designed to help you take advantage of this great opportunity for healthy change!

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