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Together Scientific Board

To augment our expertise and provide input on the scientific content and implementation approach  of the project, a panel of independent scientific experts from a variety of disciplines with a common interest – health - was convened in May 2015. Input by the Board was requested on different aspects of the project, including on the overall approach to be embraced, key messages for different audiences, and ways to work with different actors.

While the “Together” Scientific provided input on some of the communication materials, responsibility for the framing and accuracy of project products and communications is solely that of project staff and management. 


  • Tina Lavender, Professor of Midwifery, and Director of the Centre for Global Women’s Health at the University of Manchester.
  • Franklin Apfel, Managing Director and founding partner of the World Health Communication Associates Ltd.


  • Anayda Portela, Technical Officer – Health Promotion, Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (MCA) World Health Organization 
  • Aileen Robertson, Public Health Nutritionist and head of school at Metropolitan University College - Copenhagen     
  • Diliana Dilkova, Expert at Ethnic Minorities Health Problems Foundation, and Member of the Managing Board at Bulgarian Network of Health Mediators

Intervention cities

The Consortium

  • P.A.U. Education (as leader of the Consortium) has been working in the fields of education and communication for over 17 years. P.A.U. Education brings extensive experience in creating and implementing communication campaigns and educative projects in both formal and informal settings all over Europe. In regards to health, P.A.U. Education was the coordinator of the "We Love Eating" Pilot Project and the Shape Up Project. Both of them were financed by European Commission’s DG Health and Food Safety.
  • GfK (Growth from Knowledge) is our partner for research and insight. Today one of the world’s largest full-service research companies. GfK was founded in 1934. 11,500 GfK experts work to discover new insights about the way people live and think, in over 100 markets, every day via qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods. GfK will provide a unique and high-quality research proposition that uses state-of-the-art methodology and tools, with the support of an international network. GfK will have a key role to play in the implementation phase, establishment of the conclusions, and the monitoring and data supply phase.

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