The tools

"Together" has created a range of educational and promotional tools for use by organisations and professionals who want to spread the messages of the project. They are all available for download.
  • Handbook

    Provides information for LPGs, including key project messages and objectives, how to reach disadvantaged groups, how to take advantage of existing resources in each community, and ideas for activities both during pregnancy and after the birth.

  • Leaflets

    Created for distribution by LPGs to the target groups, containing key messages, recommendations for pregnancy and breastfeeding period, and an invitation to participate in "Together" activities.

  • Tote bag

    To be filled by LPGs with relevant information and items, and distributed to the target group. Contents can come from existing local initiatives, but no commercially branded merchandise, please! 

  • Social media

    An important tool for communication with the target group. Contains information and invitations to events, posts on healthy lifestyle-related initiatives, and useful information for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

  • Magnets

    Designed with the "Together" project visual identity, to be placed on the refrigerator door as a helpful reminder to eat healthily and move regularly.

  • Poster

    To be hung by LPG members in their premises and elsewhere (with permission) to raise awareness of the "Together" project and communicate about the existence of its website and social media. 

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